Ha Giang - a fusion of nature and human


Ha Giang is a province in the northeastern of Vietnam. Ha Giang, an appealing destination for many tourists, is an amazing ink and wash picture of a mountainous area. Tourists will be totally surprised by its beauty.

Yen Minh Pine Forest

You drive through Can Ty commune, cross Quang Ba double mountains about 40 kilometers, pass snobbery roads, Yen Minh pine forest is in front of your eyes. This place is considered “the second Da Lat” in Vietnam. Lively pine trees, growing strongly among mountains, are unforgettable to tourists once have visited.
Yen Minh pine forest spreads dozens of kilometers square over low hills. When going through the forest, visitors will enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere, which creates the comfortable feeling for the trip. With the fusion of green pastures and little house rooves, Yen Minh pine forest is too picturesque to miss.

Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley with numerous gardens of flowers is known as a famous tourist attraction. Sung La valley - a beautiful flower on the plateau full of rocks attracts visitors with a sophisticating and peaceful beauty of tiny house rooves, immensely green corn fields, and softly buckwheat fields. The scenery of Sung La is typical of the mountainous region. In this valley, life in Lung Cam village is kept flawlessly with activities like weaving flax, wearing dossiers to pick vegetables, etc.
Vietnamese is well-known for their friendliness, so do Sung La civilians. In normal life, Sung La girls weave brocade by weaving looms. They do not speak Kinh well, yet they are welcome to give you a glass of water to quell your thirst. Rustic people here play an essential role in beautifying Sung La valley.

Ha Giang fair

Since Ha Giang preserves the national tradition, local fairs take place regularly. Attending these fairs, tourists have a chance to feel "the breath" and "the soul" of ethnic minorities. However, people are accustomed to using the Gregorian calendar, knowing accurately the fair-day according to lunar calendar is quite difficult. Therefore, if you come to Ha Giang at the time these fairs taking place, you are comparatively lucky.

These fairs take place from early in the morning and finish in the afternoon. People usually trade brocade shirts and skirts, vegetables, Chinese traditional medicine, food, etc.

Hoang Su Phi

May or September is the most beautiful time to visit Hoang Su Phi. You can hire a motorbike in the city, driving to Hoang Su Phi to admire its beauty. Every sunset, tiny house rooves of ethnic minorities with several copses perfectly interleave in brilliant yellow terraces.
Nobody knows accurately how much time ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi took to turn mountains of rocks into fascinating terraces that we see nowadays. People only know that terraces have been used by ethnic minorities for hundreds of years, replacing paddy fields in the delta area. Generation to generation, terraces have played an important role in the livelihood of these people. Moreover, terraces marked the process of settlement and settled agriculture.

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